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As an independent aviation service provider, Lambourn Aviation is sure to be able to meet your aviation related objectives at a very reasonable price. You'll also be able to count on the best possible service and advice that's always balanced, professional and friendly. Find out more about our company and services on the following pages. We look forward to assisting with your requirements.

About us

With over 20 years aviation experience I have gained experience in:

Flight Operations

Aircraft Charter

Aircraft Sale and Lease.


The flight operations services include Flight planning including NAT tracks, PACOTS, ETOPS etc). Permit application, ground handling arrangements, hotel accomodation and grond transportation.


Experience of Jeppesen, AirData and RocketRoute flight planning systems. We can assist with your account if required.


Aircraft charter offers flexibility, speed, and conveneice. There is an added bonus of being able to charetr a yacht and limousine. You could add these together for seamless transfer between each. Tranport to and from your home or office is possible too for that important business meeting or other reason


Our services are designed so that you can feel relaxed and confident with the services you have requested. We have considerable experience of working in this industry, and our customers know that we are to be relied upon  to meet all their aviation related requirements and more.


Whatever service we provide to you, will be dealt with the utmost discretion. Identity (especilally when charetring) will be kept secret. The aircraft , limousine and yacht crew are very discrete  and professional.


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AviMall Esteemed Member

Contact us if you are looking for a partiicular aircraft or type of aircraft. Fixed wing or helicopter.



Charter services

Aircraft, helicopters, yachts and limousines available for charter. Ideal for a special holiday, weekend breaks, business trips or sports events. Contact us for more information.


Aircraft for sale

The inventory changes frequently. Please advise us if you are looking for a particular model or type of aircraft and we can assist you

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