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Simon Hackett

+44 (0)7963 270284

E-mail: simon@lambournaviation.com

Lambourn Aviation is an independent service provider and has over 20 years extensive flight operations experience. These included flight planning, permit applications and ground handling arrangements. I believe in offering tailored  services to match your requirements of our customers in the business aviation world.


I have also worked in Aircraft Chartering for for governemnt departments, VVIPS, AOG (Aircraft On Ground), and Medical/Ambulamce flights and transfers.


With aircraft sale, I have sold corporate, airliners, cargo and general aviation aircraft and helicopters. I have leased these types as well for start up airlines and small one off contracts for maybe 12 months or more.


In addition to the flight operations, I also have experience with aircraft charter, for business or pleasure. Corporate aircraft, airliners (passenger or cargo) or helicopters can also be chartered. I have also dealt with emergency medical flights and transfers.


Any area of our business you use will be dealt with in a friendly and personal manner.

Contact us if you are looking for a partiicular aircraft or type of aircraft. Fixed wing or helicopter.



Charter Services. Lambourn Aviation is an Ambassador for Shy Aviation. Contact us for more information.


Twitter for us as Shy Avation Sussex (@shysussex) here:

Lambourn_aviate Twitter - here

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