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Questions asked to find out more about aviation terms and roles. If you have a question, feel free to use the contact form.


1. What is an aircraft manager?

The aircraft manager, is the liaison between the owener and operator. They will oversee the schedule of  the aircraft, flight plans, handling arrnagements, crew and maintenance schedule. They will aslo keep the owner notified to issues that could affect the schedule such as delays to a flight and maintenance over runs etc.


2. What is aircraft charter?

If the aircraft is not being used by the owner, then if permitted, (by the owner), the aircraft can be chartered out to interested parties. This will bring in revenue and will also keep the crew current on the aircraft type. 


3. What does 'Current on Type' mean?

This is when a pilot has been cleared to fly a prticular tye of aircraft. The crew have to do regular training on this aircraft to 'keep current'. It could mean simulator training or actual flying with an examiner/instructor. There are 2 particualr checks to be passed - Line Proficiency Check (LPC) and Operational Proficiency Check (OPC). Some aircraft, over a certain weight require certified simulator training.


4. What is a flight plan?

This is the expected route to to be taken by the aircraft. It gives information such as the aircraft,  airways, beacons, frequency changes, payload, and fuel burn, along with weather, NOTAMS (Notice To AirMen) which give inforstion on events along the route, such as firewaork displays and any work being carried out at airports that may be used as alternates or en route for possible emergencies. The Ar  Traffic Control en route are send an abbreviated route plan giving aircraft type, registration, airport of departure, depearture time, route, arrival airport, expected arrival time and alternate airports. It also has aircraft equipment fit such as saftey beacons, life rafts, radios etc.


5. What is an airway?

An airway is the invisible motorway in the sky. On a chart they are numerous. They are linked by beacons which are in effect the junctions on motorways. Air Traffic Conrol can change the route if they deem safe to do so and give aircraft a 'direct' between beacons which can save time and money.

The airways are Upper or Lower depending on the height they are operational.



Knowing Simon for me is like seeing Light End Of The Tunnel. Through gentleman, Forth Right, No Nonsence and man of Principles. Simon has indepth knowledge in Operation and Aircraft sourcing. I look forward to working with Simon on several Aviation Projects. I wish him good heath and wish to have Long association with Simon, he is my last bet in Sourcing any type of Aircraft.

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Simon has extensive background in aviation operations, his experience and knowledge was demonstrated on numerous occasions whilst working with me in the Army Air Corps. I have every confidence that any future client will also benefit from Simon's aviation skills.

Tony Chambers.  Heliports and Helidecks design, operations & safety


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