You can charetr any of tehse, maybe even combine them FOR CHARTER

The reason most people charter an aircraft is the fact that the aircraft is theirs for the duration of the trip required. It could be seen as a status and expensive extravagance.

However there is an important side to it.


  • There is little or no queuing for tickets and baggage checks at airports, and you are generally escorted through direct to the aircraft, even escorted through customs. This time saved can benefit business users and to degree pleasure seekers – more time to explore your destination.
  • Depending on the aircraft that has been chartered, you will have a cabin to yourself and your friends and colleagues, more personal flight attendant service and catering that you can order in advance1.
  • Another advantage of chartering aircraft, are the airports used. They can depart and arrive from smaller airports that most airlines cannot operate to. This can assist with helping you get close to your destination.
  • With helicopters, there is an added advantage – they can land and take off from almost anywhere. They can get you directly into city centres, sports events and even hotels without relying on road transport to and from the airport. You can even link a helicopter charter to/from the airport for your fixed wing flight.

1 Catering on small turboprops, jets and helicopters is generally cold buffet style, but with facility to make hot drinks. Larger aircraft have equipment to heat meals and are served by a flight attendant if applicable.

Its not only aircraft that can be chartered


Limousines (cars and luxury van/mini-buses) and Yachts have the capacity to take you in comfort to places you like and want to visit. A typical yacht can be chartered for 12 persons. Bigger yachts are available.

 You can now link these to make for a smooth transition between modes of transport and ease your journey:

  • Limousine from your house or workplace to the airport/heliport and return
  • Limousine from airport/heliport to hotel or meeting place and return
  • Limousine from Airport to port to pick up your yacht and return.

 The yachts that are chartered will be crewed for the duration of your trip. Looking after your requirements and catering. There is even watersports equipment on some yachts that can cater for up to 12 people. There are larger. Just ask for a quote.

We can arrange for medical evacuation/ transfers and Cargo charters too. Just contact us for a quote

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