We have teamed up with Shy Aviation to provide worldwide charter of jets, helicopters and yachts. Lifestyle experiences also available. Contact us for more information and requests at or use the contact form on this website. 


Charter Deals


Packages available for:

Business trips, holiday, celebrations or sporting events


Packages would combine some or all of the following (also available separately):

Aircraft and/or helicopter charter,

Limousine charter

Yacht charter 



Empty Sectors

Empty sectors are a cheaper way to charter. Its how an aircraft will return or position to another airfiled (either it's home base or for another charter). Instead of going empty, operators offer these sectors for charter at a discounted prices. They maynot be to your exact locations and timings but can be close. Limousine or helicopter transfer can be added. 


We are delighted to annunce we have been 

Charter is not just doen to chartring an airraft. You can add a limousine, yacht or helicopter to help make smooth transitions. 

Limousine or helicopter from home to airport, aeroplane to to destination airport, helicopter or limousne to port and yacht for your holiday. Then reverse at the end. THis will certainly keep you away from the crowds at airports and taxi ranks. 

Contact us now for detals and quotes.

The airraft to charter can vary from propellor, to jet and from taking 1 -3 passengers to airliner size and around 200+ for group charter. 

The helicopter is ideal for charter as t can land and take off from less psace to a normal aircraft. It can lawn in fields or lawns (some hotel grounds) and at sports events (Ascot, Epsom, Silverstone). it makes them convenient and fast as they can generally go direct and beat the traffic jams.

The yachts to charter come with crew and room for upto 12 guests (sometimes more). The facilities can vary depaending on size and storage but ususlly include jet bikes,surf boards and snorkelling equipment The crew will help with makeing your stayas comfortable as possible by cooking the meals and taking you ashore when rquired.

Please contact us for detail and quotes for your trip. We can advise on best size aircraft suited to your requirements

Contact us if you are looking for a partiicular aircraft or type of aircraft. Fixed wing or helicopter.

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Charter Services. Lambourn Aviation is an Ambassador for Shy Aviation. Contact us for more information. 

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