Lambourn Aviation -Aircraft types for Charter

Examples of typical aircraft that are chartered. If you have a specific aircraft type in mind do let us know and we will assist as best we can with such available aircraft


Turbo prop/ Piston

2- 40 seat aircraft (depending on size and configuration). Popular aircraft to charter due to economy and costs. Short to medium range


Corporate Jets

From 4 - 18 People - depending on size and configuration. Short, Medium and Long range available



Ideal for large groups on promotional tours. Full airline check in facilities can be arranged too. Various sizes and configurations available. Short - Medium and Long Range abilities too.



From 2 - 18 persons. Versatility of the helicopter makes them ideal for landing in restricted spaces and close to sporting events where fixed wing aircraft cannot. They can be fast on short distances and into city centres.



Something unusual to consider. Up to 12 persons (more in some cases). Crewed luxury yachts- around the Caribbean or Mediterranean.



Arrange luxury transport to and from airports. Even link it with a trip to the port if you have a cruise to go on or special events to which you wish to arrive in style. Luxury saloons, vans/mini buses available.

Contact us if you are looking for a partiicular aircraft or type of aircraft. Fixed wing or helicopter.



Charter services

Aircraft, helicopters, yachts and limousines available for charter. Ideal for a special holiday, weekend breaks, business trips or sports events. Contact us for more information.


Aircraft for sale

The inventory changes frequently. Please advise us if you are looking for a particular model or type of aircraft and we can assist you

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