Safety / 2nd Seat Pilot


If flying an aircraft that is cleared for single pilot operation but would like a 2nd Pilot in the right seat I am able to assist. This is usually if the passengers request it. I hold the FAA CPLA//Multi/IR licence but am non-type rated. I have flown in this capacity in the following – Beechcraft King Air 350, Cessna Citation Jet and Pilatus PC12.


I also hold the UK PPL/A so can sit with you if flying on your private licence and wish to hour share or to build confidence and experience.


Below are examples of aircraft I have flown as Safety Pilot and or 2nd seat pilot.


This is on hold as I have lost my aviation medical at the present time


Contact us if you are looking for a partiicular aircraft or type of aircraft. Fixed wing or helicopter.



Charter services

Aircraft, helicopters, yachts and limousines available for charter. Ideal for a special holiday, weekend breaks, business trips or sports events. Contact us for more information.


Aircraft for sale

The inventory changes frequently. Please advise us if you are looking for a particular model or type of aircraft and we can assist you

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